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Las Vegas, NV – October 13, 2015.  The Movement has started to make women’s tackle and flag football America’s new favorite pastime.

According to statistics, the five most frequently offered college sports for women are: basketball, volleyball, soccer, cross country, and softball. While women have also competed in traditionally dominated male sports such as wrestling, weightlifting, rugby, and boxing, they are still being excluded from the sport of football. It’s time for a change. It’s time for the MOVEMENT. The MOVEMENT is a national goal to put girls’ football in the high schools which will allow them to earn scholarships to play in college. This MOVEMENT is to enforce true equal opportunity in ALL sports with the recognition of girls’ and women’s football.

Dion A. Lee, founder of the Las Vegas Showgirlz and Premier 7 Football, started this concept after he lost his ability to play college football due to Title IX issues at his university. The loss was devastating to the star athlete. Soon he would find himself not only coaching women’s football but leading a revolution to ensure girls who loved the sport of football received their chance to play on the field and earn scholarships at major colleges and universities.

“Women’s football is the same sport that men play,” says Lee. “Full pads, tackling, running, hitting hard and getting up to become victorious on the field. The women I coach and train have football in their veins and only want the chance to take their talents across the world. So do the young girls who love football but aren’t allowed to play in middle or high school or even college because of noncompliance with Title IX.”

Lee started an Funding Dreams campaign to make “Herstory” a part of history on the football field. His goal is to create a platform for worldwide recognition of women’s tackle football. Every donation made will help the Las Vegas Showgirlz and Premier 7 Football push closer to gaining national and worldwide attention to women’s tackle football by highlighting up to 32 teams during a major championship game on national television during Super Bowl weekend.

“Our fundraising goal is $125,000, which is the lion’s share of the monies needed for the live production on national television,” says Lee. “Additional costs include PR and marketing. We want to display women tackle and high school flag football because everyone should know that women/girls who love football want the same opportunity to play just like men/boys.”

The impact of creating an opportunity for girls and women to play football is astronomical. More than 20,000 women and girls currently play and/or express an interest in football and Lee believes that the time is NOW to make a mark in women’s sports and to put women’s football on the map. This Movement will assist in building confidence in more girls and women by allowing them to play while creating an environment for better health and fitness.

For details on the Funding Dreams campaign and to make a direct donation to The Movement to bring Women’s Football to the nation.

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